Talia’s health was in dire straits when her life was saved by an organ donor. She had been in ICU, bed bound for months, and was being kept alive by machines when a miracle happened just in the nick of time. 
Today she is grateful to be alive. read more

Talia Isaacs
Lung Transplant Recipient

Tanya Bothma’s story is unique in more than one way. In the same year her brother passed away and became an organ donor, and her own life was saved by a donor. She is also the first person to receive a lung transplant in Cape Town. read more

Tanya Bothma
Lung Transplant Recipient

Annabel Mollison is a medical Doctor from Durban and is used to saving patients lives. She was blessed to be able to save her very own son’s life, Conner by donating him a part of her liver when he was just 9 months of age. read more

Connor Mollison
Liver Transplant Recipient

Anyone who’s ever been involved in transplant sport and MANY in the medical (especially renal) field knows Heilie Uys. She is a superwoman who has enhanced many lives with her knowledge, enthusiasm and guidance. read more

Heilie Uys
Kidney Transplant Recipient

Tigi Savva’s life was saved when she received a kidney from her mother in 2016. She has since gotten married, and is now able to plan a future with her new husband thanks to her “Gift Of Life”. read more

Tigi Savva
Kidney Transplant Recipient

Nolundi Seluleko Luthuli is a Kidney and Pancreas transplant recipient and is also visually impaired. Despite these health challenges she continues to be a pioneer in her community. read more

Nolundi Luthuli
Simultaneous Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Recipient

Velile spent 6 years waiting for a match for a donor kidney, today he is reaping the rewards of his patience and is an example for all others currently on dialysis and awaiting transplant. read more

Velile Dube
Kidney Transplant Recipient

Cheara has already been through more medical surgeries and procedures than most adults ever face. In this weeks #Transplanttuesday story, her mother Juan-Mari Du Toit tells of her incredible and brave story.
read more

Cheara Du Toit
Recipient of two liver transplants

A few years ago, at an age where the majority of young people focus on their careers, and getting their lives started, Anel’s survival was dependent on a bone marrow transplant. She was extremely fortunate that her brother was a match and therefore able to save her life. read more

Anel Van Niekerk
Bone Marrow Transplant Recipient

Sandra saved the life of complete stranger earlier this year when she donated a part of her liver to an unrelated little girl who was suffering from Biliary Atresia and had run out of options – desperately in need of a liver transplant. read more

Sandra Johannessen
Living Liver Donor

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