Two weeks ago we featured Laurie Kemp who donated a kidney to her friend Julz…. well today we are sharing Julie’s story. What an amazing friendship and inspiration to everyone. read more

Julie Anthony
Kidney Transplant Recipient

Laurie Kem has an incredibly unique and heroic tale to tell, and between her and her brother, they have saved quite a few lives! What an amazing example to the rest of the world… we could all learn so much from this family about love, organ donation, giving back… the list is endless. Read her story and be inspired! read more

Laurie Kemp
Living Kidney Donor

Leonie Schoeman suffered from Nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys) which eventually lead to her being listed for a kidney transplant. Thanks to the generous gift from her donor, she has reclaimed her adventurous sense of spirit and adventure as she is no longer tied to a dialysis machine every night. read more

Leonie Schoeman
Kidney Transplant Recipient

An innocent childhood “adventure” of bunking school managed to change Les Hurlbatt’s life forever by revealing a heart defect. read more

Les Hurlbatt
Heart Transplant Recipient

Pat Dicks was ill for years before it became apparent that she would need a life-saving heart transplant if she wanted to avoid succumbing to heart disease like her father and two brothers before her. She managed to honour her donor by winning a gold medal at the World Transplant Games in 2013. read more

Pat Dicks
Heart Transplant Recipient

Gerry van Zyl was living a normal life, oblivious to the fact that he was in organ failure. A check-up with his GP changed all of this, and he had to face a cancer diagnosis followed with waiting for a liver transplant, all within a very short time period. read more

Gerry van Zyl
Liver Transplant Recipient

Charles Ferguson was the epitome of health, a rugby-player in the prime of his life, when he collapsed on the field and his life changed forever. Thanks to a donor heart, he has been able to resume his physical lifestyle and has been given the chance to fulfil his dream of walking his two daughters down the aisle. read more

Charles Ferguson
Heart Transplant Recipient

This weeks story will be that of a lady that is very well know to all our readers. She and her family created The Platter Project, a NPO that sells hand painted, one of a kind, platters to the public and donates 100% of fund received to various organ donation and wildlife conservation charities. Diana Wilkinson is the face and the artist behind this incredible organisation and she has been having dialysis and on the waiting list for a kidney transplant since June 2013. This story shows a lady with great courage and faith who is using her passion and love to create awareness and fundraising for two causes very close to her heart. read more

Diana Wilkinson
Awaiting Kidney Transplant

Tersia Smit’s life was changed 12 years ago when she received a liver transplant. Since then she has become a grandmother and a world-class swimmer, breaking records at the World Transplant Games. She has also been able to continue being a loving wife and mother… proving that a transplant doesn’t only save a patient, but means so much to the family of a recipient as well. read more

Tersia Smit
Liver Transplant Recipient

Heidi van As through sheer determination and a fight for survival managed to keep faith for four years on the waiting list for lungs until her call came. She has been transformed from being bound to a wheelchair, to being a sprinting athlete thanks to her organ donor! read more

Heidi Van As
Bi-Lateral Lung Transplant

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